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As well as our own Radarspotting.com forum, there are others that offer help and advice on using Mode-S receivers and software.

Some are run by the receiver manufacturers or software providers.  Others are operated by enthusiasts.

Forums can be a good place to start evaluating the available receivers and software but be careful when asking direct questions.  The AirNav Systems forum doesn’t tolerate those who probe or question and many have found themselves banned from posting, either temporarily or indefinitely.

Kinetic’s support forum the SBS-1, SBS-3 and Basestation software.
Yahoo Group for PlanePlotter
Yahoo Group for PlanePlotter Mlat and Ground Station approval.
Yahoo Group for Mode-S hex codes.
FlightRadar24 aircraft forum for website and phone apps.  Also has Chat.
Pinkfroot forum for PlaneFinder and ShipFinder tracking websites and phone apps.
Forum for the Beast Mode-S receiver
Professional Pilot Rumour Network.
AirNav Systems forum for RadarBox and ShipTrax.